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A founding board member of the Bay Area Teacher Development Collaborative, Paul Chapman played an essential role in creating, shaping, and sustaining the organization during his two dynamic terms. Paul’s visionary leadership and wealth of expertise make him an incomparable asset in addressing the varied needs of schools and educators as they grapple with the challenges of the 21st century. Having known Paul for almost 30 years and having worked with him in several different capacities, I can attest to his absolute integrity and passionate commitment to improving the future.
Janet McGarvey, Director
Bay Area Teacher Development Collaborative
In my work with Paul Chapman, I’ve found him to be insightful, able to draw on his wealth of experience, organized, and sensitive to both process and product. He would be ideal to consult in an independent school in a wide variety of areas....Paul Chapman has demonstrated a long-term commitment to environmental sustainability during his tenure at Head-Royce School; the school has reflected that commitment with ground-breaking initiatives that have been the model for many other independent schools.
Damon Kerby
St. Marks School, Head of School
Understanding environmental sustainability in schools necessitates finding a master to lead a school community through these uncharted waters. There us no question that among today's school leaders the most trusted source is Paul Chapman. Brilliant, thoughtful and experienced, Dr. Chapman is effective in inspiring schools to chart their paths toward sustainability. In 2009 Paul Chapman led a retreat of Town School for Boys Board of Trustees on this topic. Inspired by his presentation, the Board took Chapman's words as a call to action.
Brewster Ely
Town School for Boys, Head of School
In my 21 years of working with Paul Chapman, I was continually inspired by the combination of his vision and his ability to implement that vision in our school's daily life. Whether he was working to develop a sustainable school physical plant or new approach to curriculum, Paul made things happen smoothly and efficiently. We worked together to broaden our school's curriculum in the area of ecological literacy. Paul truly moved Head-Royce's program and buildings into the 21st century and would be an outstanding resource for any school.
Crystal Land
Assistant Head/Academic Dean, Head-Royce School
Paul Chapman addressed the Seven Hills Board of Trustees at their annual retreat. His presentation on trends in education, board/leadership partnerships, and best practices for sustainable and enduring schools for the 21st century was extremely insightful and hope-filled. His ideas and theories served as discussion points for the remainder of the year. I was impressed by the depth of resources he has at his fingertips, and his ability to quickly connect the dots.
Bill Miller
Seven Hills School, Head of School
During Mr. Chapman’s time at Head-Royce, our campus morphed into a snapshot of the future. From new compost and recycling bins, to solar panels, to the edible garden, to a brand new LEED building—I am proud to say my school is green! Mr. Chapman also really sparked excitement and awareness among students and the larger community. Our Green Team (environmental club) is alive and well, and his help was indispensable when I wanted to start an Ocean Conservation Club. None of it could have happened without Mr. Chapman— thank you!
Riva Kahn Hallack
Head-Royce School, Student Leader