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School Matters Published

In December 2018 I was glad to publish School Matters, a history of Head-Royce School, where I served as head of school for many years.  The book tells the story of how Head-Royce was transformed into a modern, 21stcentury independent school distinguished for its mission of scholarship, diversity and citizenship.  In the years leading up to the school’s centennial in 1987, Head-Royce changed from proprietary to board governance, moved from downtown Berkeley adjacent to the University of California to the Oakland hills, and became coeducational.  In the 1980s, the school began a three-decade, multimillion dollar effort to build, fund and manage a state-of-the-art, modern campus.  By developing a collaborative leadership model, the school built a first-rate faculty, nationally-recognized student body, and visionary board.  Through its significant commitment to diversity, the school developed a multicultural community of students, teachers and families.  Recognizing its role in preparing citizen leaders for the 21stcentury, Head-Royce incorporated in its mission an emphasis on civic purpose, global education and environmental sustainability, making it one of the nation’s truly distinctive schools.  School Matters: The Transformation of Head-Royce, can be purchased on the school’s website (, with all proceeds from book sales donated to the scholarship endowment fund.