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Greening America's Schools Published

Dear Friends,

I delighted to announce that my new book, Greening America’s Schools: The Environmental Sustainability Movement in K-12 Education, has been published by NAIS.  Since concluding my career as a school head, I have devoted my energies to “growing greener schools” to help address the significant environmental challenges we face, and I many will have interest in the work.

The book describes environmental sustainability in our schools through profiles of 50 private and public schools across the country that have gone green.  It shows how schools can partner with colleges, universities, science museums, and outdoor education programs to enhance their environmental education programs.  And students describe the profound, positive impact green schools can have on their education and their development as global citizen leaders. 

This book also provides a roadmap on how to foster sustainable schools for the 21st century, ones that use resources efficiently, provide a healthy environment, teach environmental literacy, offer nutritious food, and prepare student leaders.  There are extensive resources to support the continuing process of going green.  The benefits of green schools are clear in the “triple bottom line”:  they save money, strengthen achievement, and improve health. 

I hope that you might consider buying the book; please know that all proceeds go to cover the costs of publication.  If you would like to order copies, please click here or use this URL:; those who are not NAIS members need only click on “register now” to place an order.

Best regards,

Paul Chapman




For an interview about Greening America's Schools with KWMR Program Director Lyons Filmer hosted on April 25, 2012, go to


“Greening America’s Schools provides educators and policy makers with a readable and informative account of the environmental education movement in our nation’s K-12 schools, highlighting innovative efforts toward sustainability across the country and emphasizing the critical connections that schools make with informal environmental organizations. This book provides a concise history of the how the environmental education movement has grown and offers a blueprint for how schools can become more environmentally conscious. Paul’s call to action, including that we forge stronger links between formal and informal education, will help guide efforts to educate future generations for environmental literacy and stewardship.”

  - Nicole Ardoin, Assistant Professor of Education and Center Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University


 “Paul Chapman’s Greening America’s Schools is destined to become a sustainability classic, alongside others that have helped to define the evolving green movement and stimulate our community of independent schools. You’ll find that Paul’s book is a highly enjoyable read and an extraordinary resource of examples, ideas, and key learnings from his year-long, de Tocqueville inspired journey across America, visiting independent and public schools as well as colleges and universities. We grow through learning and sharing—this is a must read for everyone at your school.”

 - Jefferson Burnett, Vice President, Government and Community Relations, National Association of Independent Schools


“K-12 schools have an enormous impact on our children, our communities, and our future.  Greening America's Schools gives us a practical roadmap - engagingly illustrated by the stories of real schools - on how ALL schools can better inspire and teach students, reduce their environmental footprint, and save money. Win-win-win! Something all of our education leaders should be able to agree on.” 

- Deborah Moore, Executive Director, Green Schools Initiative